Software and Software Selection/Implementation

There are thousands of capital asset management applications on the market. AME has analyzed several of these systems for selection recommendations to clients as well as transferred data or updated system databases. We have provided equipment inventories, preventive maintenance standards and facility condition assessment data to help jump start the implementation process of these systems for a number of clients.


There are two key ingredients to selecting the best system for your environment: functionality and price. There are systems you can access for free on the internet and there are systems that can cost in the millions to buy and implement. We can assist you in determining the correct functionality and price as well as ensuring the system can be implemented quickly by prioritizing features. We can develop a request for proposal to provide to vendors as well as a cost range. We then will evaluate, rank and recommend options for you. Part of our evaluation is the ability to quickly implement the system by setting up business practices and transferring the information you have in other systems or formats.

Facility Condition Information System (FCIS)

AME has remained a leader in developing and using technology for its professional consulting services. The company initially developed its Facility Condition Information System to support in-house condition assessment services. As demand for products and services increased, AME began offering FCIS to clients to proactively manage their facilities condition. We continue to use FCIS daily and welcome enhancement suggestions from our clients.


  • Fully integrated software package, not merely a database
  • Uses standardized AME-developed pricing table based on industry accepted sources
  • Pricing may be tailored and changed to reflect site-specific conditions.
  • Assets can stand alone or be linked to "parents".
  • Asset inventory, including photos, AutoCAD floor plans, and linked files.
  • Detailed deficiency data, including photos and locations on floor plans.
  • Prioritized and ranked deficiencies.
  • Flexible and powerful reporting, including summaries by craft and component.
  • Current, annual and long range maintenance requirement plans and reports.
  • Comprehensive comparisons of asset condition by use, age and outstanding maintenance requirements.
  • Automated presentation quality graphical reports.
  • Ability to package deficiencies into projects.
  • Powerful import/export features allowing the use of many other software packages.


  • The database is scalable and able to handle any size client.
  • No expensive Database Administrator is needed. All database tasks are bundled utilities.
  • No additional licensing required.
  • FCIS will run on all popular network environments as well as locally.
  • FCIS is a multi-user application with no licensing differences based on number of users.
  • No cost quarterly system upgrades.
  • No cost telephone support.
  • Direct support from developers.

AME maintains superior product by continually enhancing our process and system based on your needs. This continuing interaction with clients has allowed us to remain a leader.