Asset Management Program Evaluation

The facilities management industry overall has only started embracing asset management practices. Historically these functions typically were considered “back of the house” operations and not managed by professionally trained staff. As technology, cost concerns and state-of-the-art service delivery have filtered into these areas, processes have been developed to support more efficient and business-centered operations and reporting. Even as the facility management environment evolves, professionals in the industry become so focused on day-to-day events they rarely consider:

    - What processes are important?
    - Are the processes working?
    - Why are we doing it this way or at all?
    - Where are we headed as an organization in the next 5-10 years?

Facility Managers conquer the next daily challenge without considering the strategy behind their actions and the performance and management of the complete facility portfolio.

The facilities portfolio is typically the most valuable asset that public institutions and organizations own and often are considered critical to the execution of the organization’s mission. The concepts of asset management including total cost of ownership are being embraced by the facility management industry. We have developed a process to evaluate the current state of your asset management business practices and determine where the most gains can be made to increase your program’s effectiveness.

Effective facility management is a continuous process of assessing, analyzing and reporting on facility conditions and processes.AME provides a broad spectrum of professional services inherent in the ownership and management of real estate, infrastructure, facilities, and associated equipment. AME has also developed relationships with other firms that offer specialty services to provide a full service facility management solution to our clients.

Facility maintenance standards provide valuable tools for asset management strategy decisions.

Facility maintenance management software is invaluable for managing the information associated with facilities and components, but implementing a robust tool which reflects your business practices takes valuable resources strategy decisions. We can help in selection and implementation to simplify and optimize the process.